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Class Act Zach

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Hey, Camp Fans!

A handful of years ago, we talked about former summer camper and famous actor Zach Braff here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. We looked into his time spent at Stage Door Manor in New York as well as his childhood and the path he took that led to his acting career. We covered a lot in his previous post, but there’s still a lot we could learn about this guy.  

Let’s dig a little deeper beyond the surface and learn a bit more about Braff. Check it out:

Braff’s Creek?
Did you know that Zach auditioned for the hit drama from the late 90’s ‘Dawson’s Creek’? The show would have likely kept the title we all know had Zach landed a role on it, but you never know the avalanche of changes that could have been spawned by a different casting job. Of course, Zach didn’t get the job and we know him for a multitude of other roles like J.D. on ‘Scrubs’!

Put One Foot a Few Extra Centimeters in Front of the Other
Zach’s right leg is actually a bit longer than his left. A condition that’s uncommon, but not unheard of, a slightly longer leg typically goes unreported or maybe even unnoticed unless it causes an issue. However, Zach was unfortunate enough to have suffered a herniated disc because of his slightly longer right leg.

We Don’t Want No Scrubs
Zach has gone on to play a number of other memorable roles, but his time on ‘Scrubs’ was very special to him. It seems there were just as many laughs behind the scenes as there were on the show itself. He’s held onto a number of friendships that he created with the cast and crew of the medical comedy-drama series. In fact, he’s best friends with Donald Faison in real life who played Turk, Zach’s best friend on the show!

For many people, ‘Scrubs’ is the role they remember most when they think of Zach, but he has since gone far beyond the TV show with starring roles in films and even directorial credit in his movie ‘Garden State’ which he shot in his home state of New Jersey. Check out his previous post by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


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