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Hey, Camp Folks!

It’s definitely time to start thinking about the camp you’ll be attending this upcoming summer! That’s why I like to feature the summer camps with whom we’ve formed great relationships here at Everything Summer Camp. Today, we’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the eastern border of New York state. There, we’ll focus in on Camp Chingachgook.

Camp Chingachgook sits on the eastern banks by the extraordinarily clear waters of Lake George at the foot of Buck Mountain. In this magnificent setting, campers are given the chance to reflect on the serene surroundings and enjoy their lives separated from all the buzzing electronic lifestyle of modern life.  Chingachgook just may be the summer camp for you!

You’ll be given some awesome opportunities at Camp Chingachgook where they offer traditional camp activities such as Sailing, Waterskiing, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Tennis, Archery, High Ropes, Riflery, Softball, Fishing, Canoeing, Arts & Crafts, Photography, Mountain Biking and more!

Facilities at Camp Chingachgook have been construction with a modern sort of building while holding onto a rustic kind of feel. Altogether, the buildings and outdoor features provide the perfect atmosphere for activities that range from recreational, educational, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

Chingachgook counselors do an amazing job in forming strong communities in their cabins, creating inclusive and supportive environments for campers to call their home base. Bunks are provided for sheets, blankets, and sleeping bags that campers bring from home. And, centrally located in each unit, bathhouses, are just a small dash from the cabins.

Join in on the fun of the summer action at Camp Chingachgook and enjoy the community, friendship, and memories that you’ll make. If this camp sounds like a good fit for you, look into it more by checking out their website sometime and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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