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Chimney Corners Camp for Girls

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Hey, Camp Aficionados!

Is your kid interested in camp? A great way to investigate camps for future summer seasons is to check out all of our Summer Camp Spotlight posts that we’ve published on the Blog. Browse potential camps and get a good idea of what summer stays are like at each camp when you read these posts! Today, we’ll shine the Everything Summer Camp spotlight on a great camp in the Berkshires region of western Massachusetts—YMCA Chimney Corners Camp for girls.The Chimney Corners Camp for Girls is an excellent place to be.A sister camp to Camp Becket, Chimney Corners Camp was founded in 1931 by the loving couple Ina and Henry Gibson. These two had reached the juncture in their lives where the relief of retirement was on the horizon. In preparation for the upcoming stage, the couple came across a promising piece of property. Its main feature was a building that was falling apart around an old chimney.
I wouldn't want to mess with these girls.
Seeing its potential, the Gibsons thought to themselves that this could be the site for a summer camp for girls. They fell in love with the idea and received awesome help and support from the folks at the nearby camp—Camp Becket!

Like their brother camp, there’s a lot going on at Chimney Corners Camp. Choose from fun camp activities like Softball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Archery, Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, High/Low Ropes Course, Nature Outings, Outdoor Living Skills, and a plethora of Creative Arts like Photography, Woodshop, Music, Drama!

Two cabin leaders stay in the rustic but cozy cabins of Chimney Corners with 8 to 9 campers of the same age and grade in each cabin. Campers get a taste of simpler living with no electricity or indoor bathrooms. Cabins glow with flashlights and lanterns after sundown and each camper gets her own cubby as well as some shared space underneath the bunk and in a closet.This beautiful dining hall sets a great environment for meal times.

Standing for over a decade, the Chimney Corners Dining Hall gathers the entire camp at mealtimes and gives them all one roof under which to eat. Cabin leaders and cabin mates sit together during mealtimes. Have your daughter experience the family and fun at Chimney Corners Camp and check out their website for more details. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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