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Children's Book Day

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Hey, Booklovers!

Today is Children’s Book Day, made to honor all the youth books out there, written for kids and preteens. While summer camp is brimming with activities that are a blast and tons of fun games to play, there’s also the opportunity for downtime where you can just take in your surroundings and enjoy reading a good book.

Between our selection of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books and the very nearly complete series of the Camp Confidential books, we have some pretty awesome title available here at Everything Summer Camp that are perfect for campers to take along for their stay!

Choose Your Own Adventure
The only books where the reader decides how the story goes, the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series introduces us to strange worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. These interactive tales tell a story a number of times over so the story goes differently based on the choices the reader makes. Then, ‘reread’ the book and make other choices to see the plotline change and end up entirely different.

Choose Your Own Adventure books have been proven to aid kid’s growth through experiential learning. Click here to learn more.

Camp Confidential
You're bound to chew through the books in the Camp Confidential Series like bubblegum! These tales of summer camp are all written by Melissa J. Morgan. With a sizable selection of the books from her ongoing series, catch the all the drama, gossip, and fun times that go on at Camp Lakeview as well as Camp Walla Walla! Check out all the titles we offer by clicking here.

Mad Libs
They’re not exactly books, but they ARE awesome for kids. Short little stories with key words left out, Mad Libs aid kids in learning their parts-of-speech in a hilarious way. These stories request that you fill in the ________ to turn simple tales into hysterical riots. Mad Libs were created one fateful night back in 1953 and have been cracking us up ever since. Have a gander at our selection and click right here.

The Rest
Not to shortchange any of our other available books—if we carry them, it’s because we see the value in them. It’s just the others don’t quite qualify as Childrens Books (Mad Libs were already a bit of a stretch). But Activity Books are a great means of quality downtime whether you’re with anybody or by yourself.

We also offer The Summer Camp Handbook—a treasure trove of awesome advice in all departments of all things summer camp, brought to you by summer camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski. There’s also a great guide to survival skills available right here.

And don’t forget to put your pen to some paper yourself with our great Journals as well as our fun Stationery including camp-themed mailing items like Greeting Cards and Postcards.

Enjoy Children’s Book Day with a review of some of your favorites. Maybe you’re currently in the middle of one of these books you got from us right here at Everything Summer Camp. Hope you’re loving it! Happy Children’s Book Day, Readers. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John



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