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Chelsea S. Has Camp Success

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The camp stories we received for our ‘Share your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp were so great! It was a wonderful time reading through them all and now I’m excited to share them with all our followers on the Blog and post each submission right here on its own day!

After our ten lucky prize winners, I’ve moved on to the rest of your submissions. The following post is from Chelsea S. who wrote in to tell us about her daughter’s camp experience at Camp Takodah. Here’s her submission:

“My daughter went to Camp Takodah this summer for the first time and LOVED it. She's 10 years old so I was nervous for her to be away—it was definitely her longest time being away from us, and no contact except letters was tough! Every day I would run to see the camp photos to spot her, even if she was in the distance! She always looked like she was doing well but I wasn't entirely sure what her review of the experience would be. The two letters we got from her listed all the classes she was taking, but she never came right out and said how much fun she was having.

Needless to say, the day we picked her up was one of the highlights of my life! Not only did she run over to us and give us a huge hug, but afterward, with a huge smile on her face, she said "Can I PLEASE go again next year??"

It was all I could ask for! So glad we decided to send her to camp—and that she had the greatest time!”


Awesome, Chelsea! This is such a great testimony to the summer camp experience from both a camper’s perspective and a parent’s. I’ve posted a few times on the Blog about the different reactions parents may get from their kids on pickup day. I’m glad for your sake that your daughter’s response on closing day was such a clearly joyful one!

For everyone else, you can give Camp Takodah a closer look by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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