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Check Out The Winning Costumes From Our Contest

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Hey, Costumed Creatures!

It’s fun to dress up like something you’re not, isn’t it? Especially when you go around showing your costume off to your neighbors around the block in exchange for some tasty treats! I hope you all scored big while Trick or Treating and gave all your neighbors something to scream about (I know I had a few good scares when I opened my door on Halloween night!)

It wasn’t just Trick or Treaters in my own neighborhood that I saw either. There were lots of great, creative costumes for the Everything Summer Camp SPOOKtacular Halloween Costume Contest as well! It was a great fright—er sight to see so many crafty costumes that you guys dressed in for Halloween!

1st place winner

Submitted by: Alice C.

Everything Summer Camp’s SPOOKtacular Halloween Costume Contest yielded two 1st Place Winners who will each receive a $100 Everything Summer Camp Gift Card as well as two 2nd Place Winners who will each receive a $50 Everything Summer Camp Gift Card. Our winners were randomly chosen.

Our first, first place winner dressed up as the valiant elf, Link from the popular video game–Zelda. She’s ready for battle holding Link’s shield for her protection and his sword as her weapon.

1st place winner

Submitted by: Claire B.

Our other 1st Place Winner, on the other hand, traveled not nearly so far back in time to a decade called the 60’s. In her Hippie costume, she looks like she would fit right in at Woodstock.


2nd place winner

Submitted by: Caroline E.


As for our 2nd Place Winners, first we have a favorite witch, Hermione. Watch what you say while she’s dressed in Hermione’s black robes, scarf, and crooked wand. She may turn you into something unnatural.

2nd place winner

Submitted by: Addison K.

And lastly, we have Mr. Jack Sparrow! A convincing Jack Sparrow at that! This costume has the hat, the hair, the eye makeup—everything!

Nice costumes, Kids! And congratulations to all of our winners! Happy Halloween! Thanks for participating and thanks for reading!


- John

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