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Check Out Some Of The New Products We Have This Year

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Hey, Blog Buddies!

Ever wonder how we manage to offer such great products for summer camp? Well, we’re just that good at finding other cool places who also offer cool products like LC Industries. Allow me to introduce to you the 14 new products from LC Industries that you can now find right here at Everything Summer Camp.

We’ve recently added great camping gear and supplies like a Silicone Travel flashlight radioCup that collapses in on itself, a Folding Hairbrush that has a Mirror on its handle, a Digital Clock that doubles as a Flashlight, a Mood Neck Pillow which is designed to give you optimum sitting comfort, and the Odyssey 6 in 1 bottle that’s a filtered water bottle that also works as a flashlight, lantern, strobe light, and small storage unit.

Aside the great new camping gear and camping supplies from LC Industries that can now be found at Everything Summer Camp, we’re also adding items that make things not only easier to travel but also easier to live out of!

We now offer a clear, Quart-Size Carry-On Toiletry Pouch which meets TSA 311 guidelines. You can also find a Carry-On Bottle Set which includes three bottles and a half oz. screw-top jar, all in a quart-size zip-top bag to avoid extra purchases of travel-size shampoos and creams. We also offer convenient toothbrush holders.

We also now offer two Lewis N Clark Duffel Bags, the 14” by 30” bag as well as the 14” by 36”. You won’t run out of space using these attractive bags. Easily fit your new camp gear, supplies, and toiletries from LC Industries inside these sturdy bags.

 We are also offering Luggage tags and belts from LC Industries. Identify your luggage and wrap a belt around your duffel or bursting suitcase to make sure you’re transporting everything securely.

Enjoy browsing the new products this year at Everything Summer Camp.


- John
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