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Check Out Our Unique Snap On Duffel Bag

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Hey, Sleepover Fans!

The Snap On Duffel is really a great item to be found here at Everything Summer Camp. This Duffel Bag is specifically designed so it snaps onto your C&N Footlocker. The Snap On Duffel allows you even more space to work with aside from the ample room that you find inside your camp trunk.

The Snap On Duffel Bag works great. At Everything Summer Camp, we recommend SODputting your bulky bedding items like pillows, blankets, and towels in the bag. Bedding items typically take up so much space so save items like your bedding essentials for the Snap On Duffel and fill your footlocker with the fun stuff.

These bags are designed to snap exclusively onto C&N Footlockers in seconds so you can move both pieces as one. Great for summer camp, Snap On Duffel Bags also work great when detached from your footlocker. It snaps off as easily as it snaps on and carries comfortably with its padded shoulder strap.

And that’s exactly why The Snap On Duffel works great for sleepovers and slumber parties at your friend’s house, Boys and Girls. Bring along your Snap On Duffel Bag with your sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, and other nighttime necessities that you’ll need when you sleepover at your friend’s house.

With school in full swing and all the friends you’re making, now’s the time to do sleepovers! So you can stop trying to force your book bag zipper impossibly around your expanding bedding and easily fit it inside your Snap On Duffel. Remove the work from the fun of a friendly slumber party and enjoy yourself.

If you don’t already have a Snap On Duffel Bag, you can shop Everything Summer Camp today and pick up your own. Make sleepover’s a snap!

That’s all for today, Everyone. Till next time.


- John
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