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Hey, Camp Fans!

Everything Summer Camp offers a whole lot of different things to take along to summer camp (hence our name). Some of our products are more fun than they are practical and some offer the comfort and convenience of home right there at camp. But some of our products go the extra mile.

Look for products tagged with the Smart Living icon as you shop our Web site onlinesmart living icon. What is Smart Living? It’s the label we give a product that actually offers health benefits. Simply click the Smart Living icon on the product you’re looking at and you’ll pull up an information box that describes, in detail, the health benefits of that product!

Clearly, water bottles are quite the convenient product to have with you at summer camp—but it’s not just a convenient product, it’s a Smart Living product too. Why are water bottles a Smart Living product? Because staying hydrated is healthy—especially when you’re out in the great outdoors on a sweltering day (when staying hydrated means the most!).

Our bodies are like machines. When they’re well-oiled their performance is optimal. Of course, in our case, the oil is water. Each cell in our body, our tissue, and our organs all require water in order to work properly. Our bodies NEED water in order to maintain good health.

Your body is losing water—literally—with every breath you take. It goes through its water supply even quicker when you’re active and the weather is hot (a.k.a.—at summer camp). Make sure you replace the water your body uses when you need it.

Your body does a good job at letting you know that it needs more water. If you ignore your own initial thirst, it results in a dry mouth, then a headache, feeling fatigued or even confused; you’ll eventually start to feel lightheaded and weak and then you’ll pass out.

While any good summer camp is supervising to be sure that their campers are staying hydrated, it’s still a good idea to sit down with your kids and talk to them about the importance of avoiding dehydration at summer camp with a trusty water bottle at their side! Drink up!


- John
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