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A Sneak Peek At Our New Cinch Bags

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

While you’re doing all this work in summer camp preparation, it should please you to know that the majority of the camp gear you’re getting isn’t restricted to use outside of summer camp. Enough of your child’s camp gear can be used year round for a large variety of activities.

Water bottles are great to have by your side pretty much everywhere you go. A standard backpack can be used for school after the camp season. And, of course, our C&N Footlockers at Everything Summer Camp make not just a great camp trunk, but a classy piece of bedroom furniture as well.

While these are great examples, the list certainly doesn’t end there and we’re adding to it all the time. Our latest addition is arriving soon—our cool, new cinch bags. Very popular with kids for gym as well as for after school sports and other extracurricular activities, use for your cinch bag extends well beyond summer camp.

Extremely easy to cinch shut, these bags are all you need to carry just the necessities. Given long, thin cinching straps, you can wear our cinch bags like you would a backpack. Or you can simply carry it by its straps like a duffel bag.

Ideal for your carrying convenience, they’ll be available in an array of bright, fun colors and you can get your choice of an icon on the bag. Very stylish, this nylon material is as shiny as it is sturdy.

That’s all for today, Campers! Till next time.


- John
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