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Check Out Our Great New Selection Of Rain Boots From Washington Shoe

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Hey, Footwear Fanatics!

As the end of February approaches and the nearing sun makes puddles out of snowbanks, it’s always refreshing to realize that the winter isn’t going to last forever. In fact, it’s on its way out. The future is certain to be brighter with spring around the corner; the sun continues to melt away the ice and snow and leave in its place…water.

So it goes without saying that along with a bright future, rain boots usually make handy footwear for traversing the watery world in its lingering remains of a bygone winter. What better way to keep your feet comfortably dry (not to mention saving a good pair of tennies from certain destruction).

The future is always brighter here at Everything Summer Camp too. And sometimes it’s more colorful—like when more colors are made available for the rain boots that we offer from Washington Shoe.

Melting snow and unexpected rain showers don’t stand a chance against these rain boots! red rain bootsClassic ‘fire chief style’ boots are made from 100% waterproof, molded, natural rubber. The pull handles make them easy to get on and off. And with full net lining and deluxe non-slip soles, these rain boots are hard-wearing and convenient!

Everything Summer Camp is delighted to reintroduce our collection of Washington Shoe rain boots in all their colorful glory! Nothing says spring quite like a pair wet, glossy rain boots. Get yourself some shiny solid color boots in red, yellow, blue, green, you name it.

While they may not be as iconic, Washington Shoe’s pattern boots, available at Everything Summer Camp in youth and women’s, look amazing. Come across cute designs like Stud of Horses, Camo, Frenchy French, Raindrop Dot, Ditsy Dot, Wendy Plaid, and more.

Your feet are sure to stay dry in a Washington rain boot. With all these new options how could they not look good? Happy spring, Everybody!


- John
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