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Hey, Comfortable Campers!

Summer camp is all about getting outside and being active, but that doesn’t mean it's not about comfort too. After exerting yourself all day, you definitely want to take advantage of your rest and lounge time! Get the most out of your respite time and have a look-see at the crazy comfy new pillows we brought on board for you to try out this summer!

Everything from new lounge pillows to microbead pillows and a number of other softies, this new plethora of pillows have some serious personality and character!

The Lounge
Also known as ‘Boyfriend’ Pillows, our new Lounge Pillows come in a bunch of new crazy characters. Find yourself with a new pet pillow llama, or caticorn (a cat/unicorn hybrid)…maybe you’d like to keep a furry rainbow around your camp bunk! These cozy pillows from iScream are constructed with open, welcoming arms and ready for camp!

Micro Magic
With our Gamer and Baseball Microbead pillows being a level up as well as a homerun, we thought we’d expand our selection with some more beady pillows from iScream. Check out these pillows filled with scented beads that smell like vanilla or bubble gum. Check out the Narwhal, Axolotl, Rocket, and VSCO pillows for a great way to relax after a rigorous day at camp!

Creative Comfort
In addition we have Furry Pillows from iScream and a Tie-Dye Narwhal pillow which are all too cute to resist! Also, make sure you leave room for dessert with our extra squishy and extra sweet S’more Pillow from Top Trenz!

Comfort is, of course, a big part of summer camp so be sure to pack the proper Pillow before you head out the door and take a perusal of our whole collection of cozy iScream products by clicking here! Stay comfy and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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