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Celebrate Boy Scout Day

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Hey, Scouts!

If you’re a Boy Scout or you have a kid who’s in Boy Scouts, then you more-than-likely already know that today is Boy Scout Day. Nowadays, simply the name ‘Boy Scouts’ has boy scouts of americabecome synonymous with resourcefulness, independence, and helpfulness.

Do you know what the definition of a Good Samaritan is? An adult who was in Boy Scouts when he was younger (that’s one definition anyway).

They must be doing something right to have achieved such a fantastic reputation! Boy Scouts have become one of America’s largest and most well-known organizations that focuses on the development of our youth. So how did the Boy Scouts get to be revered with such recognition and praise?

Well according to legend, it all started one foggy night in London when a newspaper man from America named W.D. Boyce found himself lost in the misty streets of the foreign town. Just as Mr. Boyce grew worrisome, he happened upon a young boy who was able to guide him back to his destination.

Wishing to repay the kid, Boyce offered the boy some money, but the child declined the offer. He identified himself as a Boy Scout and explained that he was only doing his duty; therefore no payment was necessary.

Struck by this amazing random act of kindness, Boyce felt compelled to contact the head of the Boy Scout Association, a General Robert Baden-Powell. Boyce was not only a newspaper man, but something of an entrepreneur as well; when he returned to America, he founded the Boy Scouts of America.

And so, using the British Boy Scout Association as a model, Boyce established the Boy Scouts of America in 1910—only two years after Baden-Powell founded his Boy Scout Association. Boy Scouts should be celebrated because of the good it does in helping to shape the future.

Happy Boy Scout Day, from Everything Summer Camp!


- John
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