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Hey, Camping People!

In preparation for the upcoming summer camp season, we’ve brought onboard a whole slew of new gear and other fun supplies for you to check out in our online camp store collection. It’s always exciting when we get to introduce a new brand name to our website, but with these new products, we get to introduce a handful of new names which all find their home under the same name of Cascade Designs.

Check out what we offer from them!

Their Therm-A-Rest name brings us awesome gear for outdoor comfort such as the Z Seat, their Trail Scout Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad, the Stellar Blanket, a Large Compressible Pillow, and a Regular Size Air Head Pillow. The lightweight design of this gear reflects your own body heat back to you for great warmth and comfort.

Shop our PackTowl products! The Personal Beach Towel, Personal Body Towel, Luxe Towel, and Luxe Hand Towel are all made of polyester and nylon microfiber fabric that feels quite nice and dries faster than cotton!

Available in a handful of sizes from five to ten to twenty liters, the SealLine Baja Dry Bag, constructed with rugged, vinyl-coated materials, is the all-purpose waterproof bag to keep your gear protected from rainfall!

Also, check out our Platypus hydration products! We’ve got the Big Zip EVO Reservoir as well as the DuoLock SoftBottle Water Bottle, available in .75 Liter and 1 Liter sizes.

It was 1972 when Cascade Designs, Inc. began with the single idea of creating comfort for a night spent outdoors. And with that single idea, they’ve continued to grow and branch off into some of the outdoor industry’s best-trusted brands. Enjoy the outdoors with the awesome innovations made by the many names of Cascade Designs and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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