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Carmen at Pine Cove Camp

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Hey, Camp Folks!

More exciting camp stories await from the Everything Summer Camp 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest! We're featuring each entry individually on our blog, one by one. Next up is Christy F., who told us about her daughter’s summer adventures at Pine Cove Camp. Check out her entry right here: 


“As summer approached, my heart couldn't help but swell with a mix of pride, worry, and excitement. My daughter, Carmen, had reached that age where she was eager to spread her wings and experience new things... one of which was overnight summer camp.

When we started packing I honestly didn't know where to start. Sunscreen was top of the list, and everything else fell into place thanks to many Google searches and online purchases.

We decorated our car before leaving for Pine Cove and I knew the butterflies in Carmen's tummy were fluttering more and more the closer we got. As we drove into camp the counselors lined the streets greeting all the cars and the energy was incredible. I know right then and there she'd have the best week ever!

I went to say goodbye to Carmen, expecting an emotional goodbye, but she had already started playing with friends and gave a short and sweet bye and look like 'Mom, I'm fine. I've got this.' And she did!

I'm grateful for all of the pictures that flooded my Pine Cove app all week long to see what Carmen and her friends were up to. I think I refreshed the app 1,000 times a day, and every smile made it worth the while!

Unfortunately 2 nights - 36 hours - before camp pick-up I received the dreaded call from the Camp Medic. Carmen wasn't hurt, but had a fever which turned out to be strep throat. She was devastated to leave early, but for the safety and health for her and her friends, there wasn't any choice.

I picked her up early, the only camper to leave, and you never would have guessed she felt so awful and she sang songs and told me all the funny camp stories on the 2 hour drive home. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I found myself genuinely excited for her.

Once we returned home she slept the longest I've ever seen her sleep... dreaming of camp and kicking the strep throat blues away. Though cut 2 nights short, this was the best first camp experience I could have imagined for my Carmen. The summer of 2023 was a first step toward my firstborn's independence, and a reminder that my little girl is blossoming into a remarkable young woman right before my eyes.”


That’s beautiful, Christy! What a great summer camp experience for Carmen (save the strep)! Poor girl—strep is the worst! But what a testament to her wonderful time at camp that she didn’t even let it show upon pickup—just shared songs and stories from her camp stay. I’m glad her first year of Pine Cove Camp was such a success for Carmen. Thanks for sharing with us, Christy.

Is anybody else interested in checking out Pine Cove Camp? Give this camp a closer look when you click right here. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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