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Capturing the Fun Times at Camp Seneca Lake

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Hey, Camp Fans!

As we move the excellent stories of summer camp from this year's 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest here at Everything Summer Camp, each submission ends up taking center stage right here on our Blog. Today, we're excited to reintroduce you to one of our many returning writers, Carol H. Her grandchildren are experienced campers at Camp Seneca Lake and this cool grandma took the time to write in this year’s experience for her grandkids from her perspective. Check out her entry right now...


“Hi! I'm Carol H., grandmother of Sam P. (age 14) and Abby P. (age 12). Sam and Abby are veteran campers at Camp Seneca Lake. Summer of 2023 was awesome, I am told. Both campers were in older villages (groups). The later bedtimes, increased independence, and exciting activities appealed to them.

Photos, photos, photos! That's what made my summer. Each day dozens, sometimes hundreds, of photos were posted on the camp website. There was facial recognition but I was able to spot my grandchildren even if they weren't directly facing the camera. I recognized their clothing, their sneakers, even their arms and legs sometimes. What fun to follow their daily adventures!

Sam celebrates his July birthday at camp each summer. I love photos of him skipping around the dining hall, high-fiving his friends and eating the birthday cake with his bunkmates. He played first base in the sports league and all those photos were very exciting. Abby is often pictured in the pool, on the waterfront, doing arts and crafts, or simply hugging her friends. The Shabbat pictures of both campers dressed up are priceless.

How I wish my family could have seen pictures of me every day at Camp Starlight in the 1960's.

I love the Everything Summer Camp website. All the items are such good quality. I bet Sam and Abby will order college stuff in a few years.”


It's always heartwarming to hear about Sam and Abby, Carol! It's wonderful that you had the opportunity to glimpse their joy at camp through all the photos you had to look through—and with such a keen eye too! It must be a grandmother thing to recognize your grandkids just by their limbs! We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support in exploring our camp gear collection and engaging with our 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest.

If Camp Seneca Lake sounds like the right camp experience for you, give it a closer look by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading. 


- John


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