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Canoeing Adventures at Summer Camp

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Don your life jackets and grab the paddles—it’s time to hit a lazy river for an unforgettable journey. What’s more enjoyable than a gliding canoe trip as you navigate the twists and turns along the calm waters and take in the calm beauty of lakes, rivers, and abounding wilderness. This timeless summer camp activity shows children the spirit of adventure, teamwork, and connection to nature. Let's dip our paddles into the world of canoeing. Hop on in, folks; the water’s fine!

Canoes have a long history! Indigenous peoples from all over, like the Native Americans, used them for travel, hunting, and fishing. They built them tough, using materials like tree bark, animal skins, and hollowed-out logs. Of course we have different means of construction now; today canoes are made of lighter things such as fiberglass, aluminum, or tough plastics.

When You Canoe...

Nowadays, folks love canoeing for the adventure and the unique perspectives they offer in the great outdoors.

Paddle Power

Here’s a little Canoeing 101, for you: hold that paddle tight with both hands—one hand high and the other one halfway down. Dip it into the water, tilt it back a bit, and pull it toward your body with smooth motion. Swap from side to side to go straight. And don't forget, teamwork matters. Talk to your partner, paddle in sync, and enjoy the rhythm as you head towards your destination.

What Campers get out of Canoeing

So what do campers get out of a good canoe trip? It gets your body in shape, working those core muscles, arms, and shoulders.  It also hones your balance, coordination, and sense of space. But it's more than just muscles. Canoeing brings folks together, teaching them teamwork and cooperation as they paddle as one. It boosts campers’ confidence too when they overcome obstacles and master new tricks. Last, but not least, don’t forget about being immersed in the natural world for a deeper connection between your camper and the Great Outdoors.

Good Glidin’

There's something magical about moving along the water in a canoe. It's pure freedom and peace! Paddle in rhythm, feel the gentle rocking, and soak in the amazing sights. While Canoeing, campers get a chance to explore secret spots, spy on wildlife, and uncover the wonders of nature. Appreciate the beauty and calm of the wild.

Consider the timeless adventure of Canoeing. It's an activity that combines physical activity, teamwork, and a connection with nature, providing endless opportunities for fun and exploration. Let your child embrace the joy of traveling on water, create lasting memories, and develop valuable skills through the exhilarating experience of Canoeing at summer camp.


Be sure to check out this previous Blog post, ‘Can You Canoe?’ We’d love for you to share any good Canoeing stories you might have. Feel free to leave it in a comment on this Blog post. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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