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Who let the domesticated dogs out?

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Hey, Dog Lovers!

As you likely already know, most people in the world are suckers when it comes to the canine companion. Human beings love dogs. And dogs—well—we all know that dog is man’s best friend. Of all the other domesticated animals, farming and pets, the dearest are definitely our dogs. That’s why today, we celebrate National Dog Day!Any dog is man's best friend--especially today on National Dog Day

Virtual members of the family, our dogs have a way of fitting right in, almost as if they’re one of us—probably because the domestication of dogs goes back so far that they’ve basically been ‘civilized’ since the dawn of civilization. The minute we started living in homes, we brought the dogs along too.

Lots of other pets are just as old too, like cats, but dogs were different. Dogs responded. Dogs connected. Dogs were FRIENDS!

So what makes dogs so special? Well, as dogs evolved with us, they began to read faces from left to right the way that people do when we look at one another. Other animals just stare straight at the face of another animal; people and dogs actually READ a face.

This is why it’s believed that dogs make such good company, because they can actually tell what kind of mood you’re in when they look at you. They get happier as you get happier and they console you when you’re down. This provides a connectedness between man and beast. It works on a subconscious level and its results have been extraordinary!

We love dogs here at Everything Summer Camp, soooo…in honor of National Dog Day, we thought we’d share the friendly faces of our dogs. Bet you can’t look at all of these without crackin’ a smile! Look below to see our own furry family members, and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

This is Butter, the dog of Everything Summer Camp's President, Ed.

This is Kristy's dog, Lucky LouThe world's cutest Shitzus, Charlie and Henry. They live with our Vice President

From left to right: The President of Everything Summer Camp, Ed’s dog, Butter; our Lead Buyer, Kristy’s dog, Lucky Lou, our Vice President, Mark’s two Shih tzus, Charlie and Henry; lastly, (below) there’s Wil, my hound dog.

This is Wil. He's our writer's hound dog

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