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Can You Handle these Sandals?

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Hey, Camp Folks!

The classic summertime footwear—nowadays, sandals may be made from rubber, leather, wood, tatami, or rope. You can find them in cool colors and sweet styles, available on our online store and displayed for you when you click right here for everyday, casual wear and then when you click here as well for our selection of sport sandals.

But it wasn’t always like this with options and fashion and availability. Sandals have been around for a long time, yet there was a time when they hadn’t been invented yet. The oldest pair of sandals ever discovered were found in the state of Oregon in Fort Rock Cave. They were carbon dated to be at least 10,000 years old.

Crude footwear for sure, the original sandals were made of natural elements which were handy to folks of particular regions. Tree and other plant leaves, twigs, fibers, dried grass, and non-processed leather were all used in constructing the world’s first sandals—literally whatever was lying around. Take a look at how people got around in ancient times. 

Walk like an Egyptian…sandal
Ancient Egyptian sandals were made out of the leaves of palm trees and their trademark paper-like invention, papyrus.

You can spot their old sandals depicted on the feet of Egyptian statues and reliefs.  

It’s all Greek Feet to Me
Greek sandals were made up of multiple layers of cattle skin for the sole which proved to be much better quality. After that, they were a mess of straps that wound around the ankle for a secure. The top of the sandals were usually made of colored leather.

Sandals of Biblical Proportions

Ancient Levant sandals—also known as Biblical Sandals as these are the style worn by folks of the times and regions covered in The Bible. These were typically made of leather and dry grass and given strings or ropes made of simple, cheap materials. Some sandals for royalty, however, were ornamented with gold or silver beads and gems to add decoration.

Today’s sandals are much more focused on comfort, functionality, and fashion than sandals from the days of old. Material availability and construction methods of our current day create high-quality, convenient, comfortable, and cool-looking sandals. Thank goodness improvements kept coming along the way. Enjoy wearing your sandals today and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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