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Can you guess how old books are?

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Hey, Bookworms!

If you’re like me and you love to read, then today is right up your alley! Find your favorite Who doesn't love the great escape that our most treasured books provide?place to read and plant your face in your favorite book because today is National Book Lovers Day! It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting under a shady tree or curled up in a nice, big chair—it’s what you’re reading that counts. After all, books offer a whole different world to which you can escape!

I remember when I was young. I’d make weekly trips to the library and come home with piles of new books. I’d climb high Some people like to read a lot and they can devour whole stacks of books in a month or so.up the birch tree in the backyard bringing an apple and a book and stay up there for hours completely entranced in a fictional world.

People have enjoyed the written word since ancient times. But book manufacturing used to be much different and more difficult than it is today. The books that were made back then were typically printed on parchment paper or calf skin and bound between two pieces of leather-covered wood.

The Etruscan Gold Book is considered the oldest book in the world. 2,673 years old, this Depending on your definition of the word 'book' this may be the oldest one in existence!book consists of six, 24 carat gold sheets that are bound together with rings.

Books are cool. That’s for certain. So, whether it means enjoying an adventure with ‘Clifford the Big, Red Dog’ or cracking open Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, today’s the perfect day for it! Discover the excitement waiting for you between those two, intriguing covers!

Even in today’s modern world of exponentially-advancing technology, the age-old skill of reading hasn’t budged. Challenged by television, movies, YouTube, and more, reading has only grown stronger in today’s day and age. With the advent of the e-book reader, such as a Reader, Nook, or Kindle, books have made quite an evolutionary step. At the same time, they haven’t really changed at all!

Whether you’re flipping pages like in the old days or scrolling on your e-book reader, enjoy National Book Lovers Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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