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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Spotlight

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Hey, Camp Fans!

I could go on and on forever about the great things going on at Everything Summer Camp—and I will. But every now and then I want to take a break; enough about us—let’s talk about a deserving summer camp organization and all the great summertime activities they have setup for their campers. Brother-sister camps, Camp Kenwood and Camp Evergreen create just such an organization.  The Kenwood and Evergreen logoCamp Kenwood (for boys) and Camp Evergreen (for girls), located on the same campus in Wilmot, New Hampshire (nearly 100 miles from Boston), where kids can enjoy 210 acres all to themselves including two beaches on Eagle Pond and excellent facilities such as tennis courts, basketball hoops, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, art studios, a music studio, a theater, a ropes course, a climbing wall, and more.Feast your eyes on the awesome Kenwood and Evergreen campgrounds

Able to offer an assortment of diverse programs and activities simultaneously, Kenwood and Evergreen offer their campers what they call their Structured Choice Program, which gives kids their pick from two to three options at each activity period.

With a plethora of activities like ceramics, photography, filmmaking, woodshop, cooking, music, dance, archery, soft/baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and even MORE, campers are certain to receive a well-rounded, personalized day plan that’s right up their alley!

Founded by Ken Huberman, Camp Kenwood has been around since 1930, and was joined with Camp Evergreen 20 years later—founded by Bernice Huberman (Ken’s wife). Of course, these camps are under different ownership now, but they are just as influential to their campers as they were back then.

The boys and the girls of Kenwood and Evergreen are encouraged to develop their social skills and to create age-appropriate friendships with all campers—regardless of gender. A really great place to have your summer camp experience, check out Camp Kenwood and Camp Evergreen for yourself. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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