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Hey, Summertime Shoppers!

Epitomizing the summer season, the Fourth of July is a favorite for lots of folks. Smack dab in the heart of the camp season, this holiday is right around the corner. We can’t help but get excited about summer events here at Everything Summer Camp and we ended up going a little crazy with our discounts. Knockin’ prices down left and right, get a load of our marked down gear. It's a sale!If you’ve somehow been able to keep from purchasing your summer camp gear until now—or if your kid’s already off on their summer camp endeavor but you want to pick up gear for next year—you’re in luck! You can save on select camp gear with the Everything Summer Camp Fourth of July Sale. Check it out!

We’ll start with the big stuff! Our Traditional Steel Camp Trunks are all reduced—we’re taking 5% off of the regular price. No matter where you look youGet trunks for cheap on memorial day! won’t find better trunks than these because when you shop C&N brand, you’re shopping the best trunks in existence.

Moving along, we’re taking 10% off of our Pop Up Soft Trunk—our non-rigid alternative to a steel camp trunk. It’s got a plethora of pockets and a collapsible wire frame so it’s nearly as practical as a hard trunk. Also found on our site for 10% off are mini Mongo Flashlights as well as all of our Toiletry Bags.

We keep taking more off, going to 15% off when we visited our footwear. All Smartwool Socks and all Chaco Footwear is discounted. And we also paid a visit to our Laundry Bags Department and hit everything with our 15% off wand there as well.

Once we picked up all that momentum, we thought—why stop there?! So we graduated to 20% off, hitting every single swim suit and all of our swimming trunks from Speedo with the discount. We then moved to the Name Labels Department and made everything there 20% off too!These waterproof labels work amazingly well!We want you to stay warm on chilly summer nights and we didn’t know how to stop ourselves anymore…SO, we took 25% off of the regular price on Wenzel’s Moose Sleeping Bag. Then we gave ourselves to the Dark Side and took 25% off our Star Wars Blanket which is softer than fresh fallen snow on Hoth and warmer than twin suns on Tatooine.

I didn’t get around to mentioning EVERYthing that’s on sale because just about everything on our site is discounted. This site-wide sale starts tomorrow and runs until Wed, July 6 at 11pm CST. Have fun browsing our marked down selection and, as always, thanks for reading.And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air...


- John

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