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It’s a Camp Trunk! It’s a Card Table! It’s…Game Tops!!!

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Hey, Camp Kids!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we’re always trying to come up with different accessories that will help to maximize the use of another product. We’ve done well in the past with products like the LidMate Organizer that allows you to use a spot in your footlocker trunk that is otherwise inaccessible or the Wheel Away System that makes for easy, rolling transportation of your camp trunk as opposed to hauling it with a moving buddy.

We now have more accessories that will provide you with even more use out of your footlocker trunk. Unlike the LidMate Organizer and the Wheel Away System, these new accessories offer more entertainment and fun than they do any kind of practical use. Get our new, magnetic Game Toppers to go on top of your camp trunk.Get your Poker on with camp friends for competition and your camp trunk as the card table!

Easily used as a sit-down bench or a step-on ladder—a nightstand for your bedside or a tabletop for games, get your camp trunk as well as your game boards right here. Pull these magnetic sheets out. Printed with checkerboards, Tic-Tac-Toe squares, Poker, and more, you’ll have tons of fun making friends and having laughs over these fun, simple games.

If thinking man's games are more up your alley, grab Checkers and Chess for assured camp fun!These Game Toppers allow for hours on top of hours of fun, playing Checkers or Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe, Poker, and other classic games with all the friends you’ll make at summer camp. Spend lazy, rainy days with fun, strategy- based games and some good competition. Have a great time right on your camp trunk when you bring these games to camp!

Our Game Toppers are easy-to-use, easy-to-pack, and fun for all. Get your own fun Game Toppers for affordable prices right here at Everything Summer Camp and slap one on top of your camp trunk to get some fun going at camp. As always, thanks for reading!

Pass the time with these fun classics at summer camp.


- John

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