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Camp Highlander

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the-bell-at-nc-summer-campExperience a magical summer at Camp Highlander, a summer camp for girls and boys located on Old Forge Mountain, in Mills River, North Carolina. Year after year, girls and boys from all over the country come to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and Camp Highlander – a special place where children learn important life lessons about courage, honesty, integrity and faith while having the time of their lives. Come discover why Camp Highlander is A Place Like No Other!

The Highlander Cabin Unit

At the heart of the Camp Highlander experience, and one of the several things that distinguish us, is our Cabin Unit. While we foster individual development and achievement, each camper belongs to a cabin unit, the friends, family and support system for their session at Camp Highlander.

Ten happy campers, along with a minimum of two cabin counselors, make up each of our tight-knit, gender-specific cabins. As a cabin family, the campers and staff members set out for daily adventures, enjoy exciting activities and explore this magical place called Highlander. While living, playing and working together, this cohesive group creates mutual respect and lifelong friendships.

The Benefits of Our Cabin Unittaking-part-in-morning-programs

  • Everyone Belongs
  • Campers feel free to challenge themselves in a safe group
  • Life skills of cooperation, communication and sharing
  • Strong Relationships and Friendships are formed
  • Excellent supervision
  • Outstanding Role Model influence





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