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Camp sparked acting interest for Bill Paxton

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Anywhere you look, it’s never difficult to find a former summer camper; they’re all over the place—which explains why there are so many famous celebrities who are former summer campers as well. Mr. Bill Paxton, is one of many Hollywood actors who spent some time at camp back in the day.

Long before he was ever known for his roles as the famed treasure hunter, Brock Lovett from ‘Titanic’ or the passion-driven storm chaser, Bill Harding from ‘Twister’, Bill was just a typical kid, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.

His father was a successful businessman, museum executive, occasional actor, and more, so money was never a concern growing up. His parents were able to build the house of their dreams along the country club golf course when Bill was only 8. Despite the wealth of money that Bill grew up with, he was raised to earn his money.

Resourcefully, Bill would spend his days collecting all the lost golf balls he could find. Then he’d set up lemonade stands and sell the golf ballThere he is! See him?!s back to the golfers.

In the same year, Bill went with his parents to join the crowds of people who waited for President John F. Kennedy from his hotel in Texas on the morning of his assassination. In a photograph that morning, 8-year-old Bill can be seen, being raised above the crowd!

He never actually attended summer camp AS a camper, but when he was a teenager he worked in the Carolinas at Mondamin Camp, near East Flat Rock. His town would put on an annual play of ‘Look Homeward, Angel’ by Thomas Wolfe at the Flat Rock Playhouse. “That’s when I first started thinking about acting and filmmaking,” Bill said in an interview with Southern Living magazine.

Summer camp has a tendency of delivering these transformative types of experiences that end up guiding us in our lives. It certainly did for Bill. What experiences will it offer you? You can look into Camp Mondamin right here if you’re interested in it for your own camp experience and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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