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Camp Prep Ain't What it Used to Be

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Hey, Camp Families!

Getting your child ready for summer camp is a crucial element to whether or not they enjoy their stay! It’s hard to smile in a downpour when you forgot to pack a raincoat. Camp prep remains just as important today as it’s always been, but the way we go about getting ready for camp has been changing along with the world in the last couple years.

Families used to make a day out of it. Parents would take their children, load up in the car, and hit a number of retailers where they would acquire the camping gear and other camp supplies for the upcoming season. You might stop for lunch amidst all the shopping and really make the day a treat.

This has changed drastically since 2020, but just because you’re not venturing out to any physical stores doesn’t mean you can’t make it a special day. Have your camper join you for a virtual visit and check out places online where you can order your gear. The shopping experience at has plenty of great options to choose from as well as a wide array of customized products and gear.

Maybe order in or bake something tasty in the kitchen that day so you and your child can have a treat as reward for all your productivity in your camp preparations.

Being involved in the decision-making and playing a part in designing their own gear gives your child a ownership over their time away. As summer camp expert and co-author of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, Chris Thurber puts it, “Something as simple as picking out the color of the new toothbrush will give your son or daughter a healthy sense of agency over the camp experience. Enjoy this co-shopping experience and share your positive expectations for camp.”

Check out this past Everything Summer Camp Blog post from Chris Thurber about the importance of involving your to-be camper in their camp preparations. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Till next time.


- John


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