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Hey, Camp Fans!

It was great reading all the camper submissions we received this year for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp. It’s been a lot of fun going through them all and publishing them right here on the Blog one-by-one to share them with our online! We had ten lucky prize winners to this annual contest that we announced back in September and we’ve been posting all our entries since.

The submission today is a little light so it wasn’t eligible for our contest. A cool poem nonetheless, I thought this submission would be a great way to close out this year’s ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest submission posts. This poetic post features a poem from Karen K. Check it out right here, right now:


7 weeks.
We spend weeks packing them
We fill out forms.
We buy them everything on the list. And then some.
We drive them to camp
We drop them off at the bus.
7 weeks.
We hug them goodbye.
The fun begins for all of us.
7 weeks.
We wait for the first letter.
We look for the smiling picture.
Then we are good. They are great. They are where they have waited to be all year.
We feel their joy.
Friends ask why send them to camp?
Our answer: 7 weeks.
And we who send we know why.
And so do they. 

Thanks for sharing this with us, Karen. Sounds like you know exactly what summer camp is all about! Knowing all that, who wouldn’t send? It’s been another great year for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest, but we’ve never wrapped up our submission posts with a poem! Pretty great way to close out this year’s contest! Thanks again, Karen. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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