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Camp Mystic Trip for Emerson C.

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Having received more than 30 entries for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re eager to publish each one of them right here on the Blog to share with all our readers! After announcing our lucky winners, we’re now sharing the stories from everyone else who submitted and received their $15 gift certificate to our website!

Today’s post is from Emerson C. who wrote in to tell us about her tasty time at Camp Mystic.

Crunch! crunch! crunch! It all started at a buffet breakfast one morning at camp... Our cabin was trying to break the record of the most cereal boxes eaten at one sitting, which was 43! Only about 7 girls out of 15 in our cabin were there, so we all got on one table of the dining hall after we got our breakfast. One of my cabin mates sat down with about 5 or 6 lucky charms packets in her hands. After everyone else had finished eating, we all began to watch my cabin mate eat her cereal. After about 8 cereals, we noticed that she was pouring a packet of honey into each one! Then a couple minutes after, she started to go on a sugar rush!!!! A few laps around the dining hall later, I decided to run back to the cabin to grab a piece of paper and a pen so we can find out just how much sugar she was eating!!!! After the cereal craze was over, our cabin had eaten a total of 48 CEREALS!!!!!!!!!!! We gave the title of MVE (Most valuable eater) to the girl that went on a sugar rush!!!!!!! She ended up eating 17 cereals, about 300 grams of sugar, and around 3,000 calories!!!!!!!! Stories like this always gets me super excited to go to camp every year!!!

Crazy times certainly seem to ensue all over at summer camp! Whether you’re out on an expedition deep in the wooded wilderness or simply in the Dining Hall, camp is full of fun (and funny) times. Nice work to the girls from your cabin on busting the record on bowls of cereal eaten! It’s great to hear that Camp Mystic has turned you into a serial camper (or cereal camper?). Check out Camp Mystic to see if it might be a good match for you. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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