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Camp Dudley: Fun No Matter what You're Doing

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Happy to receive all the great entries we did for our yearly ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest we put on here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re now eager to share each one right here on the Blog! After ten lucky winners of larger prizes, all other submissions got a $15 gift certificate to our online shop! Today we have a submission from Leighton L., who wrote in to tell us about his experience at Camp Dudley. 

“My name is Leighton, I live on Cape Cod, and this was my 1st year away at summer camp. I went to Camp Dudley in Westport, NY in the Adirondacks. This was certainly a memorable summer. To start things off, I was in Avery cabin. This was such an amazing cabin because we had a nice porch overlooking Lake Champlain! To make things better, my cabinmates were amazing. They gave me a warm welcome and showed me around campus. Dudley is the perfect camp for me because I'm an active kid and there lots of sports and activities to do! I loved playing my main sports which is Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Lacrosse, but I also enjoyed trying new things like Kayaks, Paddleboards, Track and Field and Ultimate Frisbee. While I wasn't playing sports I was most likely playing cards with friends and counselors and having a fun time with them. No matter what I was doing I was having a blast. The Wednesday and Saturday night shows were really fun and festive! I loved Pizza night and the night we got Steak Tips but the tacos could have used a little more work. Camp is all about trying new things and I definitely lived up to that phrase. All in all, my experience at Camp Dudley was so amazing and I definitely want to head back next summer. I would recommend this camp for anyone who is active and is looking for an Adventurous summer. Thank you to all the people who made camp possible.”


That’s awesome, Leighton! Camp Dudley sounds like it was a great camp stay for you with food, friends, fun, and a great view. There’s always lots of fun sports and other activities at summer camp, but the mark of a good camp shows its campers a fun time just hanging out! I think you put it best when you said “No matter what I was doing I was having a blast.” Thanks for sharing, Leighton.

If Camp Dudley sounds like a summer camp you have interest in, check it out for yourself right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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