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Camp Catastrophe

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Hello, Summer Camp Lovers!

As we go through, one-by-one, each of the summer camp stories we received for this year's 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest right here at Everything Summer Camp, each submission shines in its own spotlight on our Blog. Today, we're excited to introduce you to J.W. G., who recorded an unfortunate ailment that made the rounds at camp, yet it still managed to be a great experience! Dive into his entry about his camp experience right now...


“This year, I had such a fun time at camp. The first day was rough, but then I started to try new things, like sailing, fly fishing, and paddling. Those were so much fun. On Sunday, at our first cookout, we were all doing good, but that Monday morning, a few of my cabinmates had disappeared from their beds! I asked my counselor where did they go, and he said the infirmary because they got sick. I counted myself lucky that I didn't get sick. Then, that evening before dinner, I had to run to the bathroom- it was HORRIBLE DIARRHEA! I ended up having it for the rest of the camp session. I took a day trip for fly fishing, then I went paddling, but they canceled my overnight trip because the counselors had diarrhea too! So I tried again, and I did a two day paddling trip. It was awesome and I felt better. I had the best cabin mates and counselors ever! Getting better, after feeling sick, with all my friends getting sick, and all of us getting back to our activities was the BEST summer camp experience EVER!”


Hey, J.W.! YEESH! Rough stuff with the bathroom trips. I wonder what did it to everyone! But I’m glad that the HORRIBLE DIARRHEA didn’t completely ruin your summer camp stay and you were able to enjoy some awesome camp activities like fly fishing and your two-day paddling trip! Good for you to be able to have that perspective on your camp stay, despite getting sick. Thanks for sharing with us, J.W.! And thanks to everyone else for reading. As always, Happy Camping!


- John


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