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Camp at Belknap for Boys!

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Hey, Camp Aficionados!

Since it first became a thing back in the late 1800s, billions of kids have flocked to summer camps to reap the benefit of community living amongst their peers and beautiful nature. There are so many different camps you can choose from, which is why we like to spotlight some of the great camps with whom we, here at Everything Summer Camp, have the pleasure of working.Beautiful surroundings.

Today, I’m shining our spotlight on a camp that has a lot of history behind it. More than a hundred years in operation, Camp Belknap for boys was established back in 1903 in olden days. These were the times of Thomas Edison when horse-drawn carriages rolled through the streets and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ just been written!

Found on 267 acres of fields, forest and shoreline along the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, Camp Belknap is much, much more than just a gorgeous place. Tons of fun  awaits you! Campers spend their days swimming, sailing, canoeing, playing baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, golf, and tennis! And they all try their hand at archery, riflery, low ropes, arts, crafts, nature and conservation, photography, moviemaking, and more.
beautiful facilities
The campers of YMCA Camp Belknap are given their choice of activities based on the things they like, their athletic abilities and other skills, as well as their eagerness to learn. Camp Belknap keeps all if its athletic equipment wonderfully maintained, updated, and easily accessible to the campers.

Belknap’s beautiful campgrounds boast a waterfront area with a natural sandy beach, 9 tennis courts, 3 basketball courts, 3 large athletic fields, and modern lodges and cabins for all the campers. They have everything you need to have an awesome time this summer! Not to mention, great people to hang out with and a chance to learn about yourself and how you fit in among a community of people.

If you’re interested in sending your kid to YMCA Camp Belknap for boys, click here to visit their website and learn more. And, as always, thanks for reading!


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