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Amphibious $25 Camp Story Winner!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re announcing the winners to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest right here on the Blog. Come back each weekday to see who else won; it might just be you. This year, we have more prizes, more submissions, and more fun! And, now for our third $25 winner—congratulations to….Frogbridge kids definitely know how to have a good time!

Denise N.!

How about a round of applause? Denise is today’s winner! She wrote in to tell us about her son’s time at a day camp called Frogbridge. Here’s her submission:

It’s my Son’s 3rd year attending the Best Summer Camp Ever. He is at Frogbridge for 4 weeks and attends some amazing other single week camps for the remaining 4 weeks of summer. Frogbridge is certainly my favorite. The door to door bus service picks him up at 8:15 and returns him safely at 4:30. He receives a FB tee and cool FB backpack each year, and this year (since it was his 3rd year) a FB cap. Delicious lunch, weekly menus, daily photos, and special events are posted for parents to view. There’s a parents and family BBQ night, fun IPlay Adventure nights, laundry and towel service so no wet swim suit or towels ever come home, a community service toy collection event at holiday time, and Halloween gathering for all who attended camp to enjoy. Staff members are friendly and helpful whenever I called. You can ask to speak to your child at any time and a cell phone will be brought to them for you to speak to them and ease your mind how they are doing. I could go on and on. It’s a great experience for our son and I am so grateful we can send him to Frogbridge. Check it out they offer many open houses and even personal tours...Thank You.

Thanks again for your submission, Denise. It’s wonderful to hear that your boy has found some places to make his summers special. Frogbridge sounds really cool with a lot of perks and community-oriented events. If any of our readers want to take a closer look at Frogbridge, check it out by clicking right here.

Come back next week Monday when we continue to unveil our winners of this year’s ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! Who knows?! It might be you! If your entry is announced a winner, you’ll receive an email with the gift certificate code once all other winners have been disclosed. Have a great weekend and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


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