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Camp 101: Why Go to Camp?

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Hey, Camp Parents!

There are tons of reasons kids go to summer camp. The most obvious one kids will tell you is because camp is awesome! On top of that, kids will share a myriad of reasons on why they enjoy the summer camp experience. However, while summer campers can give you a million and one reasons on why they go, all their reasons can fit under one of these five definitive and all-encompassing reasons to go to summer camp.

Have fun
Camps are founded on having fun so this reason is the frontrunner. Having fun is the first priority for every kid as well as any good camp. Cabin leaders are typically considered experts of fun—able to derive it from even the most mundane activities like cleaning up around the cabin or gathering firewood. But, while camp staff may be able to create fun from nothing, your camp likely provides an abundance of fun activities, equipment, and facilities (not to mention a bunch of other kids). Go to camp and just TRY to not have fun!

Improve athletic, aesthetic, and intellectual skills
Every parent wants their camper to get the most out of the summer camp experience. Campers are sure to mature in skills of athleticism, intellectualism, and artistry while they’re away. But it’s not all up to your camper. Here are three helpful things you can do to see that your kid doesn’t miss out on any cool learning opportunities at camp.

1) Improvements in these skills take time. Overnight camps are immersive—campers eat, sleep, and breathe camp. Day camps, however, end every day, interrupting the learning process. 2) Make sure the staffers at your camp are good teachers—observe their behavior, like if they set a good example or lose their temper easily. 3) Kids tend to stick to things they know. A camper who likes archery is likely to head straightway to the archery targets. Talk to your camper about trying new things at camp.

Gain Independence
Being away from home is the most influential part of gaining independence. Without parents around, kids become more outgoing and take healthy risks which they otherwise wouldn’t do. Camp gives kids a taste of responsibility which creates an awareness and understanding within the camp community of what needs to be done. This understanding means that campers will do what they need to do without being told to do it and spawns independence.

Make Friends and Develop Social Skills
Camp gives kids a boost of confidence to just be themselves which, in turn, helps make it easy for them to make friends. Some campers may be on the quieter side and find the idea of meeting lots of people to be a stressful situation. But at camp, it’s not hard to make friends. It just happens! The summer camp environment presents campers with a neutral ground to meet one another and, there, they are encouraged to show respect for each other. Getting along with others is essential to summer camp and continues to be a part of your life into adulthood.

Experience a New Natural Environment
There are a lot of things about summer camp that have changed in the last 100 years or so. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the focus on the natural environment. After all—it’s summer camp! Getting out into the wilderness is what draws such popularity to camp in the first place. Parents who live in the city often want their kids to experience the wholesome lifestyle in a rural area. While I’m sure we would all agree that advancements in technology have greatly benefited our society, it does seem to reduce kids’ contact with the natural world. Summer camp fixes that!

These are the awesome things summer camp has to offer your kid. Make sure your child is adequately packed and prepared in order for them to reap as much as possible from the summer camp experience. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Parents!


- John



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