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Camp 101: What Writing Can Do for You

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Days at summer camp are jam-packed full of exciting adventures, experiential learning, fun times with friends, cool personal moments, and so much more. With all that mental stimulation filling those long summer days, it’s likely that we’ll end up forgetting a thing or two or maybe a lot more. After all, the human brain can’t create a lasting memory out of everything that happens throughout your day. A memory stands a much better chance of sticking around, however, if you write it down.

In fact, you stand a better chance at remembering anything that you’ve written down. It’s been proven that taking the time to actually handwrite something creates a strong connection to our memory. When we write things down, we create a physical space that stores those thoughts for us so we can return to them later if we want or need.

There are two chief benefits of bringing a diary or journal along to summer camp:

Preserving Memories
Don’t leave your memories behind! Put them down in your personal logbook. Write about your cabin, fun activities, and friends you’ve made. Some pretty ridiculous things get said throughout a camp stay so it’s smart to write down all those good quotes and immortalize those goofy moments. Or you can chronicle your camp life on a postcard or a letter to send home too! Writing about your summer visit helps you hold onto all those great memories and wonderful learning experiences that you encounter at camp.

Confiding in Personal Matters
Your personal journal gives you an opportunity to write down your thoughts and express your feelings. Writing about your personal perspective can allow you to explore what you’re feeling. Releasing your secret thoughts from your mind can be therapeutic even if you’re not really telling anyone. And whether you’re feeling good or bad, it’s always better to understand what you’re feeling. Your diary is what you make it, but it has the potential to be an entire world for you—your own private spot where you can escape to when you need some quiet time to yourself.

Find a diary for yourself at Everything Summer Camp so you can express yourself uninhibited and record all the great moments you’re going to encounter throughout your camp stay. Take a look at the postcards as well as cool, campy stationery we carry that you can send home—because whether you’re writing home or writing to yourself, it’s definitely a healthy way for your mind to process the summer camp experience! Have fun at camp and make sure you write about it! As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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