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Camp 101: What Are Color Wars?

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Hey, Camp Parents!

The idea of your child becoming part of a warring faction at summer camp may initially sound kind of off-putting, until you realize that color wars are a camp staple and a fun activity that almost all kids look forward to. Camp is split into two teams of different colors that compete in both athletic and non-athletic activities, usually for a week or so. Then points are added up, and there is a winner.

Each team takes pride in its themes, costumes, banners and constant cheering for five days, culminating with the traditional Sing competition. This final contest, along with events like the Hatchet Hunt, Rope Burning and Apache Relays and all other Color War activities, provides a thrilling and memorable experience where campers utilize the skills they have learned during the summer. Not only does each team have a color at my camp, they also have a theme, such as movies or TV. The campers plan all sorts of cheers, skits and songs around their theme. Games include basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, softball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, swim meets, bucket brigade, chaos, dodge ball, tug of war and cheer competition.

Color Wars consist of several events that are worth a small amount of points, and then one much bigger final event that is worth enough points to win or lose the entire color war. This usually takes place at the end of summer camp. Everything Summer Camp stocks plenty of merchandise that can make Color Wars more fun, including two different types of 100 percent cotton T-shirts available in eight colors each in order to exhibit team pride. Get a stadium horn, megaphone, hand clapper noisemakers, colored beads, an inflatable hand proclaiming “We’re #1″ and other items that can enhance the Color Wars experience. Everything Summer Camp provides fast shipping, a price match guarantee, and a rock solid reputation that has earned it the recommendation of more than 270 camps nationwide. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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