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Camp 101: Top 10 Most Forgotten Items When Packing for Camp

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Hey, Camp Parents!

Shopping for your child is much easier when you are both home together than when he or she is many miles away in the woods or mountains for summer camp. That’s why it’s important for your children to pack everything they’ll need for this summer experience.

Here are 10 of the most forgotten items when packing for camp:

Your child’s camp will probably have a list available of items to bring, but it won’t include any specific medications your child takes. That’s why this is an easy one to miss.

Bathroom products
This is another easy one to forget because the camp list might say something such as “toiletries” that will not be broken into individual items such as “toothbrush” and “soap.” This is especially true if your child is older because a teenager will want to bring more of these kinds of things, such as deodorant.

Batteries and chargers
Camps may have different rules about cell phones and other small electronic devices, but there is a good chance your child could use a flashlight and maybe other battery-operated devices in places where there is no electricity. At some summer camps there might be access to electricity, but you would be surprised by how many teenagers would forget a charger despite being gadget-obsessed.

Because so many people, including children, are used to carrying a camera around in their pocket as part of their phone, they forget that they when the phone is left behind, so is the camera. A disposable camera is great for your child to record memories and experiences when they can’t have their phone. Waterproof options are also available.

Something else to do
When the hikes, horseback rides and games are over, and your child has an hour before bedtime with nothing scheduled, what will she do? Make sure your child packs a book or a journal.

Sunscreen and hats
According to the American Cancer Society, more than 2 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. Don’t forget a hat and high-level (at least SPF 30) sunscreen to protect your child’s skin. One thing you can count on at summer camp is at least some sun.

Insect repellent
No matter where your camp is located, there will be creepy-crawly creatures of some sort your child rather see at a distance. Mosquitos are a particular problem because of how common they are and how itchy their bites become.

Warm blankets/sleeping bag
Your child’s camp packing list will list bedding, but might not give you the specific information you need to make sure your child is warm enough. Many camps are in higher-elevation locations where it gets cold at night. Be sure to check the average temperatures. Your child will enjoy his experience more if he’s comfortable and gets a full night’s sleep.

Robes and shower shoes
Shower shoes are a great idea to protect your child’s feet from germs around the shower or the pool. A good pair, such as Showaflops, will be comfortable and textured to keep feet from sliding.

Adequate rain gear
Most parents send rain gear to camp with their child, but not necessarily good rain gear. Nothing is more miserable than being wet, cold and a long way from being able to get dry.

So make sure your camper is fully prepared when you send them off for their summer stay at camp and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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