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Camp 101: Storage Tips for When Space is Tight

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Hey, Smart Packers!

Summer camp lasts a long time. Long enough to make the prospect of storing all the things you need for a month-long (or longer) stay away from home a real dilemma. You can’t go more than a month without a lot of these necessities you bring along, whether they are clothes, toiletries, electronics, or other personal items, but your space at camp is going to be very limited.

Fortunately, Everything Summer Camp offers a wide range of options to help allay the storage conundrum. Foot locker trunks in various sizes and colors can be personalized and make the storage issue a fun one. A Create-Your-Own Footlocker Trunk made of steel and birch plywood is customizable, roomy, and sized to fit under your camp bunk. A camera, souvenirs, clothes, and other necessities can easily fit in this foot locker, which can be accessorized with a Glide & Go Tray to hold small items. This birch plywood camp trunk with a baked enamel steel outer covering, nickel-plated trim and screw-fastened hardware offers 3.8 feet of storage space, which is ample room for a kid’s camp essentials. The trunks leave Everything Summer Camp’s warehouse within four business days after your customized order. Foot lockers in other sizes include the Happy Camper (32″ x 18″ x 13.5″), UnderGrad (32″ x 18″ x 16.5″) and Graduate Foot Locker Trunk (32″ x 18″ x 18.5″).

A snap-on duffel bag is another handy and colorful storage option. It doubles packing space and snaps on to a foot locker, giving you an auxiliary means of storing bulky pillows, blankets, and towels and leaving more space in the foot locker for other stuff that matters. Soft, nylon travel packing cubes can save space in your trunk, sparing you the hassle of rummaging through shirt piles and helping you keep your clothes organized. With mesh tops and labeling pouches, you know exactly what’s inside each cube without having to dig through them. The cubes can also serve as a standalone overnight bag. Glide & Go Trays sit inside your trunk and slide from side to side, making the contents of the foot locker easier to grab.

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