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Camp 101: Staying Hydrated In The Summer Heat

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Hey, Summer Campers!

You’re sure to have a blast at summer camp. You’ll be spending the days in the sun, running around with your friends, going on long hiking excursions, and…say—you’re going to get pretty thirsty while you’re there. For today’s Blog post I’ll be going over some good hydration information to keep in mind while you’re summer camping.

It should be pretty obvious to all of you how essential water is in our lives and extremely important to our own survival. It makes up 60% of our own bodies. So, you can clearly see then, staying hydrated during your fun in the sun this summer is a very important responsibility.

Fortunately our bodies utilize rather advanced systems that let us know when we need to refuel in order to stay hydrated. There’s a big difference between being thirsty and being dehydrated. When you’re feeling thirsty, you’re simply not as hydrated as you could be or as hydrated as your body would prefer itself to be.

When you go too long sweating in the sun, running around, and exercising without the help of hydration—after your body has made use of every last drop of water or other fluids it still had—is when you suffer dehydration.

You’ll know you’re dehydrated when your mouth is dry, you get a headache, and you start feeling weak, dizzy, sleepy, continuously thirsty, or even feverish. Severe and untreated dehydration can result in full blown fevers, unconsciousness, and eventually death. Without a single drop of water in the harsh environment of a desert, you would be lucky to survive a day! That’s how important water is.

Luckily, dehydration is more-than-treatable should you ever find yourself or someone you know in the situation. Make sure to drink plenty of water along with fresh juice. And if you’re severely dehydrated, you’ll need fluid with electrolytes (as can be found in the clever bottled water brand SmartWater).

So “water” you waiting for? Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your water! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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