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Camp 101: Making Friends at Camp is Easier than You Think

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Shyness is a quality found in everybody. Some folks are more shy than others and some people hardly seem shy at all—but even they are sure to turn timid in certain social situations. The point is that it’s only normal to be anxious about meeting new people. We may get overwhelmed or even scared in our anticipation for summer camp. There’s no need to wallow in your worries, though! Just check out these four simple tips that will have you making friends in no time.

Everything Summer Camp to the rescue!

Use Your Eyes
The first step is easy. Just hang back and observe. See what you spot. Can you find any common ground between yourself and anyone else? What are your cabin mates doing? Does someone have the logo of your favorite sports team on their camp trunk? Maybe somebody is wearing the same shirt as you. Finding similarities gives you an immediate and easy introduction.

Introduce Yourself
Next is the hardest part, but most of the pressure has been lifted from the first step. Once you spot someone who appears to have some similar interest as you—being sports, fashion, or what have you—go up and introduce yourself. It may take a little bravery to approach somebody, but you can keep it simple: “Nice shirt. I’m Tommy. I’m from Chicago.” And an accompanying handshake usually helps a little.

Ask Questions
Introductions don’t need to take long. Instead of divulging everything from your pet’s name to your favorite color, try asking your new acquaintance a question about him or her. You can even offer your own answer to a question first—like this: “I’m most excited for archery. How about you?” People love when you show an interest in them, so this kind of approach can lead to some easy connection. And now that you learned this person’s name and something simple about them, you’re well on your way to making a friend.

To truly become friends takes a little more time, but hardly any more effort. After introductions and striking up a little conversation, add some bonding time to the recipe and you’ve got yourself a friend.

Bring a Game
Bonding doesn’t necessarily mean sharing all your deepest secrets—just have a genuine laugh together. You can’t really force it, but what you can do is bring a game to camp. Games are the ultimate ice breaker. In fact, most camps have games at the ready on opening day because of what a great ice breaker they are. But a deck of cards or some other group game of your own never hurts. Just announce it and see if it generates any interest—“I brought cards for Poker!”

It’s pretty easy to have bonding moments at camp since the entire stay is based on having fun. You’re sure to find yourself laughing away and having a blast with your newfound friends in no time, flat! Summer camps have been making it happen for kids since they first started up in 1861 and they’ve only gotten better at it. Put these easy tips to good use when you head off to summer camp and enjoy the friendships you make! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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