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Camp 101: How Making Friends Helps You at Summer Camp

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Hey, Summer Campers!

Just the thought of making friends at summer camp may seem daunting or downright scary to some—especially kids who are on the shier side. But making friends is actually one of the easiest parts about a camp stay. In fact, it’s something that campers tend to stop worrying about once they set foot in the natural surroundings of summer camp. Conversation naturally strikes up with another kid and, before either one of them realizes it, they’re getting along great!

It’s natural to feel nervous about meeting new people, but there’s really nothing to worry about. Going hand-in-hand with making friends, here are a few benefits that are sure to make you eager to mingle!

Boosts Confidence
Having friends means you have a support system. And it feels great knowing that you have people who are willing to back you up. Knowing that you’re in a community, surrounded by other campers who appreciate you and believe in you is positive reinforcement from peers to just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re great! A boost in confidence makes it easier to talk with people which will in turn boost your confidence even further. Aren’t friends the best?

Distracts from Homesickness
Every child misses home throughout their time away at camp. But the severity of homesickness your camper experiences depends on how much time they spend thinking about how homesick they are. Getting acquainted with other campers naturally keeps a camper focused on having fun in the moment instead of leaving their thoughts to wander about parents or pets or what might be going on at home right now…. Make friends and get involved in summer camp fun to lessen your feelings of homesickness.

Strengthens Self Identity
Camp’s not just about making friends—it’s about getting to know YOURSELF too! And a funny thing happens when you’re away from mom and dad. You do things a little differently than you otherwise would. You take some risks within your character and start making choices based on different principles. It’s not uncommon for campers to start acting a bit differently as they start to discover things about themselves that they never knew were there before.

Connecting to the summer camp community imparts life lessons to campers every summer. Making friends helps us see ourselves through a different lens and offers the great opportunity of networking. You might meet someone from the other side of the country—or, even, the world! Discover the ease of making friends at camp and the awesome benefits that follow when you head off for your stay at summer camp. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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