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Camp 101: Everything You Can Fit in Your Summer Camp Trunk

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When your little ones are getting ready to go off to summer camp, you want to be prepared.

Although your summer camp may give you a list of things to bring, some don’t provide any help, while others may leave out crucial items. To avoid any sad letters, emails, or text messages home, here are a few tips from Everything Summer Camp for everything you can fit in your summer camp trunk.

Besides packing all that everyday clothing like clean shirts, pants, socks, and shoes and sneakers, you’ll want to include a few extras to deal with the rigors of being outdoors. A good hat will offer protection from sun and rain. Durable raingear is also a camp essential. Don’t forget pajamas and bathing suits.

At times, the great outdoors can seem not so great, particularly when it’s filled with swarms of mosquitoes or broiling-hot sun. Protect your little ones by supplying insect spray and sun screen. A good, dependable flashlight is also a must. Don’t forget spare batteries.

Make sure to pack all the soap, dental supplies, and other hygiene necessities that your kids will need to get through the long, hot summer. The right stuff will go a long way to helping them fit in with their peers.

Storage & Packs
A daypack or heavier-duty backpack is a must for just about every summer camp. Even if your child won’t be going on hikes, horseback rides, or other adventures, a good daypack will be handy for carrying personal items around camp and keeping them organized. In addition, because storage space is so often limited at summer camps, it’s smart to pack a space-saving collapsible storage cube.

Books and other entertainment items are a smart idea to include for your child to savor during down time. If the camp allows them and there is a cell tower nearby, digital gadgets can be a child’s best friend. Of course, you may be sending your kids to camp partly to separate them from their electronic chains, so the digital gizmo course is optional.

Still have questions about what you should pack? Call us toll-free, email us, or instant-chat with us. Our Gear Counselors will give you helpful advice that can make this summer a memorably pleasant one.


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