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CamelBak Hyrdation Packs

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Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s obvious from the name of our company that we have everything you’ll need and could ever want while you’re away at summer camp. If you’re sure to hit the trails at camp this summer, then you should check out our Hydra Packs from Camelbak for your hydrating ease!

We now carry the Hydrobak, the women’s Charm, and the Skeeter hydration packs to make staying hydrated extremely easy. Just fill the pack’s reservoir, throw it on your back, and sip through the tube at your leisure—hands free—while you hike the camp trails around you.

They Hydrobak is made with slit mesh and its reservoir will hold a liter-and-a-half. Along with the others, this technologically-advanced pack has all the proper air ventilation that keeps the load feeling light and off your back. These packs provide you with optimum comfort and breathability.

The women’s Charm is the perfect size for campers as well as camp leaders. The Charm’s shoulder straps are cut specifically to fit women of all ages. The straps are also lined with Velvetex lining for added comfort. Durable this women’s-specific pack is made of nylon and mesh with a one and a half liter urethane reservoir. Strap this camelback hydra pack on your back this summer!CamelBak-Skeeter-Pink

With the Camelbak Skeeter, you’ll never be caught thirsty in the great outdoors again! This lightweight, mesh canteen is made for kids, ages 3 to 12. The Skeeter Backpack makes it easy to stay quenched on a hot hike—or a vicious game of Capture-the-Flag!

Camelbak’s kids backpacks also have perfected air ventilation and Quick Link System™ to give you absolute comfort and hydrating handiness.

Get your own camelback backpack to make hot hikes on a scorching day much easier to handle! Who knew staying hydrated could be so easy? Until next time, Campers.


- John




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