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Can You Canoe?

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Hey, Canoe Kids!

Tomorrow is National Canoe Day! Canoeing is a wonderful combination of great cardiovascular exercise that builds upper body strength along with awesome means of relaxation and calming effects. It only makes sense an awesome activity like Canoeing has a day designated just for celebrating the joys of going somewhere in a canoe!

It’s an activity that’s easy to learn and, with some basic safety gear and an experienced friend, you can hit the water tomorrow (or whenever else you please) to enjoy this awesome hobby.

Here are some points about canoes that make them so great!

Carry it in the Canoe
For one of the smallest options of boat sizes, canoes are nice that they have wide bodies with an open top—that’s available packing space for all the gear you need to bring along. For this fact, canoes are a perfect option on portage trips that require regular water and land crossing.

Canoe Comfort
Canoes provide decent stability with a variety of sitting positions as well as kneeling (which can add more power behind paddling strokes) or even standing up. Not being stuck in the same position allows for more comfort for longer distances on exciting expeditions.

Company and Beautiful Cruising
Young kids and family dogs can join you out on the water in a canoe. Make it a party out on the water! The open, tall sides of canoes keep water from splashing inside unless the waters are really wild. And the slow pace and openness of canoes offer a great view of the beautiful surrounding sights.

Whether you enjoy a calm lake or rushing river, spend National Canoe Day in style tomorrow. You can always rent a canoe if you don’t own one or know somebody who owns one that you could join out on the water. Remember, there are places you can’t get to with roads or on foot, only the river will take you there! Happy Canoe Day! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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