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Welcome once again, Readers!

This time of year is important to let our close, loved ones know that we’ve been thinking about them. For whatever reason, showing this gesture isn’t always the easiest. The person you’re thinking of may not be a very easy person to shop for. Or maybe you just don’t know well enough what that person might like this year.

In certain situations like these, gift certificates are a nice gesture—especially a gift certificate to a cool, fun place like Everything Summer Camp. A gift certificate to the right place can end up being a great gift! With a little direction and a nice sum of money to work with, what more could a kid want in a gift?

*AHEM* How about a free book on summer camp?

Did someone say something about a free book on summer camp? Well, you’re in luck because with every purchase of a $50 gift certificate (or more), Everything Summer Camp is including The Summer Camp Handbook, written by Christopher Thurber and Jon summer camp handbookMalinowski. Get a gift. Give a gift!

The Summer Camp Handbook helps you get the most you can out of summer camp! This book will help you find, choose, and get ready for camp. It’s not so much a catalog of camps, but more so a guidebook on how to select the best camp for your camper so you can be sure that they’ll have a great summer camp experience.

By covering a broad range of topics like camp selection, homesickness prevention, and what the point in going to an overnight camp is in the first place, this book helps both parents and their kids get prepared for camp physically, and emotionally. This is the book that all parents considering overnight camp should have.

Happy Holidays!


- John
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