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Buggin' Out!

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Hey, Folks!

We’ve been thrilled to hear from our participants for our August ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. Though some were, many kids weren’t able to attend camp this year. Nevertheless, we still wanted to hear from kids to see what their experiences have been this year.

Our next submission for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest comes from Jonah N. who wrote in to tell us about his virtual camp experience with the Tin Mountain Conservation Center. Jonah is our grand prize winner of a $200 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp. Here’s his submission:

“I really wanted to go back to New England Frontier Camp, but it was closed so my mom found a nearby virtual camp. All we had to do was drive up every Monday morning (it was about 30 minutes away so my little sister Noelle and I would play eye spy out the window a ton) and find a box of stuff on the Tin Mountain Conservation Center's porch with our name on it. The awesome part was that the STUFF had bug nets to find macroinvertebrates in our NH and ME streams, ponds, and yup, puddles! Another week we had a bag of mustard seed powder and sprinkled it to do a worm survey in our yard. The coolest thing was the awesome video we'd watch that the counselors made up for us about it all each week. We even got my cousins from PA into doing the activities. Bug Olympics was one of my favorites. I guess you can have fun and not actually be at camp, but learn stuff and feel like a bigger team member. The summer ended with things to build our own solar oven to make s'mores. Now, that is what I call camp. I'd even talk with my friends on the phone about it, and we were all trying to help learn about the environment and see who found more creepy crawlies and other weird stuff none of us knew was in our own back yards! So thanks to COVID I learned so much. Next summer I'll need to do both camps...Yikes! How long is summer anyways?”

Cool submission, Jonah! And way to find the silver lining in a situation as crummy as the coronavirus pandemic! That’s awesome that you got to learn so much and have fun doing it through this virtual camp program from the Tin Mountain Conservation Center! I’m sure it wasn’t quite the New England Frontier Camp experience that you’re used to, but the Bug Olympics sounds like it was a really cool and educational summer activity!

For folks interested in the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, check them out by clicking right here. Or visit the website of New England Frontier Camp for your own future camp stay. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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