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Hey Sale Seekers!

Last month I announced 60 new items to our Closeouts Department at Everything Summer Camp. These items may have been discontinued or they may be overstocked product, but in any case, it means major savings for great camping gear and camp supplies, along with awesome accessories that are excellent for back-to-school or around the home!
Get great discounted back to school gear, supplies, and other accessories.From backpacks to raingear to water bottles and Color War apparel, our Closeouts Department is chock full of products that are sure to aid you in your child’s return to the school year. Get awesome back-to-school supplies or get a jump on next year’s camp purchases with these amazing discounts of 25% to 70% off.

These items have landed in our Closeouts Department because we either overestimated the popularity of certain products or we simply bought too much. Neither the quality nor the style of these products plays a role concerning its placement in Closeouts.

I gave a detailed list of our Closeout Products in my original Closeouts post last month, but—keep in mind—it may not be accurate anymore by the time you read this. I’ll just link to it here instead of repeating the list on today’s post. Containing brand names like Columbia, Melissa & Doug, and Speedo, you can’t go wrong!

This isn’t really a sale so much as it is a simple reminder of our cheap, cheap Closeouts Section with new products and awesome discounts. Because it isn’t really a sale, there isn’t any start or end date to the absurd discounts on these products. But don’t dally! Supply is limited on these items and they’re expected to go quick!

You can check out the detailed list of products from last month’s post, but even that didn’t mention them ALL! Better to just go check out the Department for yourself! Enjoy shopping our Closeouts Department and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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