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Bringing a New Label to the Table

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

When it comes to labeling your gear and belongings at summer camp, it simply can’t be stressed enough…which is why I plan on repeating myself frequently throughout this post because labeling your gear and belongings is of the utmost importance to ensure that everything you bring to camp goes back home with you. We have a whole department on our website with all of the most convenient means of getting your gear labeled!

Label everything!

That goes for water bottles, flashlights, toiletry bags, a toothbrush…label it all. We’ve always offered our waterproof Stick On Name Labels for these items. But then even your camp clothing needs labeling. Your clothes are probably most important, actually! Labeled clothes are required for lots of camps that offer laundry services to their campers.

But clothes are a different story for labels. Clothing requires more than just a stick-on printed adhesive. At least it always used to.

But not anymore! Our New Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels are here! These amazingly sticky labels will stick to everything—including your camp clothing! Create your own personalized label with your choice of font, font color, icon, and background and enjoy tagging your camp gear AND apparel with the easiest labeling possible!

We’ve always offered Iron-On Name Labels as well as our Clothing Stamps. Or just a simple Artline Marker. While these methods will remain available on our site, we strongly urge you to design and order a set of our New Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels for one of the easiest labeling jobs you’ve ever had! Label all your gear, all your clothing, and any other belongings you want to bring to camp with just one simple, single method!

Get a load of all our labeling methods by clicking here or hop right on over to our Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels when you click here. Label everything and make it as easy as possible! As always, label everything…I mean thanks for reading!


- John

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