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Bring the Light with Black Diamond

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you’re ready to pack it in. Lighting is essential to summer camp and camping in general. You need a light to find your way to the campfire, back to your bunk, or any number of trips from point A to B. That’s why we like to offer the best quality and absolute convenience here at Everything Summer Camp!

Hip to the quality that Black Diamond has been producing since 1957, we knew we needed to offer their headlamps. Building perfect, hands-free light for your summer camp experiences, Black Diamond provides the solid construction of innovative headlamps that can shine through the darkest darkness.

Blasting brightness from your forehead, light the way with a simple, kid-friendly design! Burly enough for anything whether it’s as simple as an evening hike or as extreme as your pursuit up a mountain, Black Diamond products are ready for action.

These innovative light sources are compact enough for backup or emergency use so you’re always covered! And stress-tested by the very folks who design and develop the products, this is a company made of climbers, skiers, and all-around outdoor enthusiasts.

Their own adventures have been the driving force behind these built-to-last headlamps since their start. These guys know what’s important to outdoor lovers because they are outdoor lovers.

The hands-free alternative to a traditional flashlight is necessary for climbing or skiing in dim evening (or early morning) light. And while it may not necessarily be mandatory for a myriad of other fun activities, it’s certainly more convenient than the handheld option! Built for camping, climbing, and everywhere else you need light, Black Diamond has their headlamp construction down to a science. And remember—when you need some light, use your head! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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