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Bring on the Towel, Turkey!

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Hey, Towel Users!

Towels are a part of our everyday lives whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, doing the dishes, or drying yourself off after a hot bath or shower. We offer a great variety in towels for summer camp here on our online store—from Hand Towels, to Bath Towels, to Beach Towels, Cooling Towels, and more! Towels of all kinds are certainly an essential part of our daily routines and fun activities, but how often do you wonder about the history of towels and what did people do before they existed?

That’s what we’re investigating on today’s Blog post!

Believe it or not, there was a time when towels didn’t exist. How did primitive people of ancient times get themselves dry after they got wet? They either relied on sitting next to fires until the water was evaporated or they would use a dry animal pelt to wipe themselves down. So you could say that animal hides (that’s the skin and fur of an animal) were the original towels. People resorted to these means for a long time.

As for the first true towels, historians have found mention of woven pieces of cotton or some other absorbent fabric in medieval texts. But even then, the most recognized origin the present-day towel doesn’t begin until the 1600’s in the Ottoman (or Turkish) Empire. The Turkish Empire was a great state that stretched across parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa—essentially encircling the Mediterranean Sea.

Towels are steeped in Turkish culture. The people brought their exceptional skills in carpet-weaving to the towel scene and created towels with new designs, colors, and intricate detail. As the Empire expanded, the demand for towels grew. Royals of the time sought out towels of more and more elaborate design which drove towel-makers to push themselves for more unique and decorative pieces.

Had it not been for the Turkish Ottoman Empire, towels would never have developed into our store bought cloths that we know and love today! Browse through our awesome selection of colored towels, graphic towels, and towels with alternative purpose right here at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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