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Brief Summer Camp Submissions

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp saw an excellent response last year with 60 entries! That’s why we’ve published each and every one right here on the Blog (and why we’re still publishing them)! We received a handful that weren’t long enough to qualify for our contest, but we thought we’d at least share them on the Blog. Check out two more accounts from excited campers right here!

First is this entry from Luke O. who attended Camp La Junta:

The first day of camp I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what camp Check out a camper's submission from Camp La Junta.was like or where my activities were. But after a few days I got used to everything! And I made a lot of friends from all different cities in my cabin. I hiked up a mountain in the hills to our camp sign and the view was amazing. I bet I could see for fifty miles! Camp La Junta is awesome and I can't wait to go longer next year!

Next up is a submission from Alexa T. who wrote in to tell us about her boys’ time at Camp Nellie Huckins!

I went to Camp Nellie Huckins for two weeks! It was a rainy day when my parents dropped me and my twin sister off. I was nervous and excited at the same time! But a week later I wished that I stayed more time! I met a great friend at camp and we would always go swimming in the beautiful lake where we would Make Nellie Huckins a great experience for your upcoming summer seasons!jump off a tower and play lake games. We enjoyed making friendship bracelets at the art shop and canoeing to the sand bar! But my favorite activity to do was water-skiing! It was my first time and at first I was not able to get up. After a couple times I went around the whole lake!! It was so much fun! I loved camp and I am definitely going back next year!

Thanks for these submissions, Luke and Alexa! That’s great that your nerves didn’t last, Luke. Camp has a way to destroy your nerves when you’re having such a great time! And thanks for sharing what a fun summer you had at Camp Huckins, Alexa! It’s great to hear what a great friendship you found there and how much fun you had!

If anybody else is interested in attending one of these camps, put some time aside and look into Camp La Junta or look into Camp Huckins for yourself! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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